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‚ÄčCeramic Flue Lining.

Besides fitting flexi liners I am also involved in ceramic flue lining. The company I work with on this have a long track record in this area and all work is carried out by their engineers. My role is to sweep the chimney and fill in the survey form without which they cannot quote for the job. Of course I have experience of the process and chimney building so I understand pitfalls etc. and can give the right advice.
Leaking Chimneys.
As the age of the housing stock increases leaking flues are becoming increasingly common. This can of course cause carbon monoxide poisoning and also reduce the draw on the fire.
Advantages Of the system.
  • After the work has been completed you will have a hard wearing leak proof flue.
  • As much as possible the existing cross section of the flue is maintained.
  • Generally any existing open fire will not need to be removed. Thus saving a large expense.
  • It is suitable for all fuels.
  • The disturbance inside the house is minimise with this system.
  • The lining is resistant to attack from acid condensates.
  • Up draft is improved.
  • It is a superior system to the installation of a flexible liner for a fairly similar cost.
  • The lining system will strengthen the chimney.


Before and after ceramic lining process.

pre ceramic lining 2.gif 

 ceramic lining 2.gif