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For sale Honeywell Carbon Monoxide Detectors - the professionals choice.

Price £28.00 unfitted, £32.00 fitted.
As of October 2010 building regulations required solid fuel installers to fit a carbon monoxide detector every time they install an appliance. Hence I sell a Honeywell detector this is the leading brand of detector, it is very much the professionals choice. The detector incorporates the following features:-
  • A seven year warrenty.
  • Superior electrochemical cell sensing technology.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Certified to EN50291:2001 and EN50291-2:2010 . Kite marked
  • Self test every 60 minutes.
  • End of life function.
  • Event logger and alarm memory.
  • Sealed in Battery.
  • Can be interconnected wirelessly.
  • No sensors to replace.
  • No mains power.
  • No maintenance.


If you require a detector then please let me know when you ring to book a chimney sweep and I can ensure I have one on the van. Alternatively if you just require a detector and not a sweep then feel free to make arrangements to pick one up from my house or I can drop one off at your house if I am working in the area.