Carbon Monoxide is an odourless and colourless gas that can kill quickly. It can be caused by the incomplete combustion of any fuel. The risk of getting ill from  properly maintained and installed appliances is very low. Symptoms can include breathlessness, dizziness, feeling sick, headaches, confusion, collapse and weakness, muscle pain and loss of hearing.  People can complain of exhaustion and this is often the first sign. Often symptoms will appear at home and not at say work plus pets can show symptoms as well. Sources can include barbecues, Calor gas heaters, appliances using wood or coal, cookers and boilers. If you think you have an issue with a gas appliance you can ring 0800 111999.  With gas appliances watch out for too much condensation on windows/ walls, pilot lights going out, a lazy flame on the appliance it should be blue not orange or yellow.

Your chimney should be maintained on a regular basis and do not block up vents that have been fitted for the appliance. Enclosed spaces can be a real hazard if the appliance is not working properly. Click on the logo for more information.

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Price £28.00 unfitted, £32.00 fitted.

As of October 2010 the building regulations required solid fuel/ wood burning installers to fit a carbon monoxide detector every time they install an appliance. Hence I sell a Honeywell detector this is the leading brand of detector, it is very much the professionals choice. The detector incorporates the following features :-

  • A seven year warrenty

  • Superior electrochemical cell sensing technology.

  • Easy to install and use.

  • Certified to EN50291:2001 and EN50291-2:2010. Kite marked.

  • Self test every 60 minutes.

  • End of life signal.

  • Event logger and alarm memory

  • Sealed in battery.

  • Can be interconnected wirelessly.

  • No sensors to replace.

  • No mains power.

  • No maintenance.

  • Has a self locking mounting plate which activates the detector. The mounting plate is tamper proof.

If you want a longer life detector try the XC100 which has a 10 year life.

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IF YOU REQUIRE A DETECTOR THEN PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHEN YOU RING TO BOOK A CHIMNEY SWEEP AND I CAN ENSURE I HAVE ONE ON THE VAN. Alternatively if you just require a detector and not a sweep then feel free to make arrangements to pick one up from my house or I can drop one off at your house if I am working in the area.

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